Team Building & Group Retreats

Take a break from the office and reward your team with an afternoon of outdoor adventure at Coral Crater Adventure Park.

Bring together employees who don’t regularly interact, and forge new bonds over a little friendly competition. Foster teamwork. Boost office morale. Show your team you appreciate them by treating them to a new experience.

Treating your team to an outing at Coral Crater Adventure Park offers many rewards. Your group will leave with increased awareness as a result of engaging in dialogue about group dynamics such as leadership, communication, roles, goals, and problem solving.

Your group will have fun while challenging themselves and learning skills to work together more successfully. Our team building activities take full advantage of the many adventure activities at Coral Crater.

Our expert Team Building Facilitators work with you to design a team building experience that best suits your group. Choose from Team Bonding or Team Building. What’s the difference? For Team Building we have a goal for your team and a curriculum. With Team Bonding, the goal is having a good time with your group.

First, we’ll help you decide what your group wants to accomplish by identifying clear goals and measurements for your program. Then we’ll work with you to develop a program design specifically tailored to your group. We’ll see that your event takes place in a supportive, encouraging, and trusting environment. Group members will be engaged, involved and open to learning.


Team Building Activity – Plane Crash Adventure

Looking for an exciting team building adventure that pushes your team to become better communicators and a more cohesive unit, while rewarding them for work well done? Look no further. Coral Crater Adventure Park is proud to announce our new Plane Crash Adventure.

You and your team were flying on a private plane to an island vacation, when your engine died and your planed started spiraling towards the ocean. Your pilot was lost in the crash, and no one knows where you are. You will need to pull together and overcome a series of obstacles to make it back home.

This adventure will put your teamwork and communication skills to the test as you work to find a way back. Along the way, you will develop stronger team work, leadership skills, comradery, communication skills, decision making skills, and trust.

The adventure is divided into three parts. You start with a warm-up challenge that will get you thinking, figuring out what you need to survive your watery predicament. This accomplished, you will make your way back to shore.  On shore, you will be falsely accused of a crime, and have to prove your innocence in our state of the art laser tag arena. Your team will pull together in a way that only simulated combat can provide.

Once you are vindicated, your team will race across the park in our off road buggies to reach the final goal. This day of fun and adrenaline pumping challenges will push your team to grow closer and expand their minds outside of their usual ruts.

The adventure ends with a guided debriefing session. Your facilitator will help your team work through the entire experience, pulling out lessons to take home. Our goal is for your team to learn important truths while growing closer as a unit. Your job is to embrace the experience and have a great time.

You will spend a fantastic half-day in a beautiful place growing closer as a team. Plus, you get to go off-roading and play laser tag. If you have a whole day to spend, consider doing two of our programs with lunch in between. Or just enjoy the afternoon in our lush, adult sized playground. Try our zip line course, or our giant swing. Race mountain bikes or hike the trails. Go climb our rock wall and rappel back down or just barbeque in our picnic area. Whatever works for your group, we are here to work with you.