Team Building & Group Retreats

– Aerial Challenge Course Team Building Activity-

Bring your group out to Coral Crater for a unique, challenging experience on our Adventure Tower Course.  The Adventure Tower Course is a two level aerial obstacle course featuring 18 challenge elements. We can accommodate groups of up to 30 participants simultaneously on this activity.

The Adventure Tower Course cultivates team building as the groups negotiate the course.  Risk-taking, trust and coaching are a few elements of team building participants will use in this activity.  Each challenge element includes varying degrees of difficulty so whether the participant is afraid of heights and needs coaching to get across, or if the participant is an athlete that has no fear, there are ways to challenge everyone.  

Benefits that this team building activity will bring to your group include:

  • Helps each participant push each other a little outside of their comfort zones.
  • What may seem impossible to some upon first sight becomes realistic through encouragement and coaching from team members.
  • Allows participants who are accustomed to a certain environment, see each other in a new and different light which translates to a new found energy in the workplace.
  • Completion of the course will help participants overcome their fears and also develop self confidence.

The course is set up in such a way where if there are team members whose fear of heights is strong enough for them not to participate, they can still be out on the tower and be a part of the experience.  Observers make great coaches as they see how each person completes each elements. Having a couple in this category is perfectly normal and we offer an ATV tour as well for those who want to stay on the ground.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour Group Size: 1 to 30 participants per hour

Cost : $59.99 per person plus tax   *Gratuity not included into the price. Please remember to take care of your guides! Please note groups of 10 or more will have a 15% service charge added to the invoice. Full payment is due at the time of booking.

Booking Information

Due to high volume we do not have team building or group event availability between Memorial Day and Labor Day or during December/January. You can find a list of activities and book reservations on this page. All prices are per person listed on that page.  We limit tours to 10 people per tour on ziplines and up to 30 on the Aerial Challenge Course and 45 on the Adventure Tower at one time. We do not do group activities on the ATV’s.  If you have more than 10 people that are participating in activities please email and include the following: How many participants? What date and time? 

– Testimonials –

“In September, I brought a group to Coral Crater for a teambuilding offsite. The attendees were from two departments that need to work closely, seek assistance from one another and trust each other on an individual level. We had a highly charged couple of hours in the tree house doing the aerial course. It’s amazing how much camaraderie a little fear, fun and constructive tension can bring! Our day was full of cheering, hugging, picture sharing and high-fiving. I cannot imagine a more successful teambuilding event. Everyone loved it and will talk about it for years to come. Thank you, Joe and team.” Gretchen S., Kaiser Permanente