Private Luau

Due to COVID restrictions we are currently not operating private luaus.

Join us on our picnic grounds for a private luau personalized for your party.

Luau food

We will work with you to prepare the cuisine based on your tastes. Our imu (underground ovens) can be used for traditional Hawaiian foods like Kalua Pig, fish, sweet potatoes, ulu (breadfruit), chicken, and bananas. Have a favorite food not on this list or want a vegetarian menu? Let us know and we’ll be happy to offer additional options.

Feeling really authentic?

Try the `awa experience. `Awa is pronounced “ah-vah” and means “bitter,” referring to the acquired taste of kava root. It is one of the plants brought in their sailing canoes by the earliest Polynesian voyagers arriving in Hawaii.  It was essential on occasions of hospitality and feasting, and as a drink of pleasure for the chiefs.


You can go backyard style with your own singing and dancing or let us coordinate entertainment. We can arrange an emcee, singers, dancers, musicians, choreographers, and authentic costumes from every Polynesian island group. Even fire dancers are available.