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Zipline & ATV Adventure Package

Zipline & ATV Adventure

Clock 3 hours     Users Ages 6+

Zipline & ATV Adventure Package

Clock 3 hours Users Ages 6+

Starting at $309.99

Ready for a Zipline & ATV Package Adventure?

Ready for an extreme air and land adventure? Come join us for an exciting package that gives you all six runs of our signature zipline course and combines it with an ATV adventure on our technical course. The ATV tour is not a boring sight-seeing tour. It is a get really dirty off road adventure!

We have a technical course coupled with some smoother runs to be enjoyed on our  side by side ATVs (Double Occupancy). Learn some basic off-road techniques from our skilled guides and have a blast navigating our technical course. You will get very very dirty during the ATV portion so be prepared.  Things can get very muddy if it rains, so dress comfortably and don’t be afraid to get dirty!

Once you’ve experienced the excitement of cruising around on our all-terrain vehicles its time to get into the air and fly around the park. Our signature zipline course features all six lines ranging from 300 to 1000 feet.  This zipline features a state-of-the-art braking system, which means you don’t need to control your speed or stop yourself.

Important ATV Information

  • The ATV portion generally comes before the Ziplines due to tour timing reasons. However, there are times when ziplines will come first depending on weather/timing, etc.
  • You will be in a two seater ATV which means you share the ATV with another person. If you both over 18 with a drivers license you will both have the opportunity to drive half the tour. If you have an odd number in your group or want to have an ATV to yourself you will need to pay the ATV single supplemental fee when booking. Please pay this fee when booking or the fee will be charged at check-in.
  • Each passenger must have a paid driver with them in their group. For example kids cannot sign up for this tour by themselves. Anyone under 18 or without a drivers license can go as passengers but will need an adult paid driver with them.
  • A $100 per driver credit card hold is put on reservations at check in and returned when the tour completes without damage. Drivers are responsible for damages or injuries so please drive carefully.

We offer Kama’aina and Military Rates, Click Kama’aina Discount or Military Discount for more information.

You must check in 15 minutes before the start of your tour. For example if your tour starts at 9:00am you must be at the park at 8:45am ready to start. No refunds will be issued for those that miss the tour or who are late to the check in.

All participants must sign this waiver prior to participation.

Best Day Here On Vacation

“Ww did the adventure tower. We had a guide escort my guys to help with the harnesses/get through the path and Liz was awesome. She encouraged my boys and took awesome care of them. Everyone cheered my guys on throughout the course which really pushed them!”

Joanna G. | Tripadvisor

Dreams Do Come True!

“Some of the highlights included the free fall rope which is essentially 12 ft of free fall before the rope kicks in to “slowly” lower you to the ground 60 ft below or more. LOVED IT! Then you have the rope swing which is the closest thing we have here on the island to flying like a superhero!”

Local808 | Tripadvisor

Full Adventure Park Premium Package

“The adventure tower was challenging and rewarding. If you’re scared of heights this place will definitely test you.”

Samuel | Tripadvisor

Amazing Experience

“The 7 year old, Mom, and 13 year old cousin all loved it and couldn’t stop talking about it.”

Maureen K. | Tripadvisor