Corporate Events & Incentive Programs

***Due to the high volume of bookings we do not operate Corporate Events or Incentive Programs between Memorial Day and Labor Day.***

Smart businesses know that teams that play together work well together. Book a corporate event at Coral Crater Adventure Park and give your organization an experience they’ll never forget.

Holding your corporate event at Coral Crater Adventure Park can bring many benefits to your company or team. You can recognize top achievers, spur creativity, reward success, and facilitate a culture where employees or partners can thrive. Most importantly, you will strengthen relationships within your organization.

Our facilities can accommodate your group of 10 – 300.

Just some of our corporate event options:

  • Use our picnic area for presentations and talks
  • Participate in team-building activities
  • Choose an all-inclusive package to give your group the event they deserve
  • Hold your own private luau
  • Cooking class or grilling competition
  • Kite flying competition
  • Park Buyouts
  • Company Party for Holidays and Occasions

Unplug & Recharge

Activities at Coral Crater Adventure Park allow members of your organization to unplug and spend time together outdoors. There is nothing better to recharge your team than being in nature without the daily distractions. People can become closer and more engaged.


Our expert facilitators can customize your event and programs for your organization. Not all participants are interested in the same activities. Our numerous adventures allow flexibility for your team to find the best. Do you want something less competitive, less active? Maybe something more individual-based than team-oriented? We have programs to suit every need.

How to arrange your event

Decide what is the goal of your event. Are you:

Choose the activities that best suit your group.

Determine how many people you will have and your activity date.

Fill out the form below and we will contact you to set up your event.

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