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The Ultimate Guide to ATV Tours In Oahu

February 09, 2023
Off roading in Oahu

You're vacationing near Honolulu and ready for an adventure on four wheels. But how do you choose from the various ATV tours in Oahu? That’s where we come in. Find out more about ATV off-roading tours on the island and which one is right for you with this handy comparison guide. 

As we compare each ATV option, we will look at the number of passenger capacity, the length of the adventure, the level of intensity (is it an adrenaline-pumping adventure or a more laid-back sightseeing excursion), and the price. Let’s get started! 

a tractor on a dirt road

Coral Crater - ATV Off-Road Adventure Tour 

Passengers: 2 guests per vehicle There is room for one passenger and one driver (18+ years). Being able to drive the ATV maximizes the fun! 

Vehicle Type: A fun, open-air Sniper brand 4x4 vehicle for maximum fun

Duration: one-hour

Adventure Level: Coral Crater offers the top tier of adventure. This high-impact tour conquers a fun and exhilarating course within the crater. During this tour, you get to take the wheel and tackle hills, maneuver around berms, and shift into high gear through the jungle with your own two hands (a guide will be ahead of you in another ATV). Here, it's about speed and agility, and you'll kick up plenty of dust and dirt on this unforgettable adventure. This Oahu ATV ride offers an awesome adrenaline rush with a high level of thrill. 

Price: $289.99/ for 2 people ($144.99 per person)

North Shore Eco Tours - Piglet ATV Adventure

Passengers: 2-6 guests per vehicle one driver (21+ years) and one to five passengers. 

Vehicle Type: Open-air, 4×4 ATVs

Duration:  2.5-hours

Adventure Level: North Shore Eco Tours' ATV tour, The Piglet ATV Adventure, is a sightseeing excursion designed to show you the land of Oahu. Learn the history and details of the area over an intercom system from the guide driving the ATV in front of you. You will explore native plants, the Waiʻanae mountains, Haleʻiwa Town, and the North Shore coastline. Although this tour is designed for sightseeing, it is still on rugged terrain, so be prepared to bounce around and get a little muddy.

Price: They have two tour options (ATV with 2 adults and ATV with 1 adult and 1 child) with the choice to add additional passengers.

  • ATV with 2 Adults (Driver & Passenger)

$338 base price—2 person minimum per ATV (select up to 4 additional passengers below)

  • ATV with 1 Adult (Driver) & 1 Child (Passenger)

$298 base price—2 person minimum per ATV (select up to 4 additional passengers below)

  • Additional Adults (11+ years)

$169 per additional adult passenger

  • Additional Children (ages 5-10)

$129 per additional child passenger 

Kualoa Tours - 2-Hour ATV Raptor Tour

Passengers: 2-6 guests — one driver (21+ years) and one to five passengers.

Vehicle Type: All Terrain Raptor vehicle

Duration:  2-hours 

Adventure Level: Kualoa Tours is another ATV tour in Oahu designed as a sightseeing experience, similar to North Shore Eco tours. On this tour, the goal is to help you explore the scenery of Oahu, from the peaks and valleys to famous locations, from TV and movies. You will see all of this by traveling through quiet areas on dirt roads where you can gaze at the beautiful trails and streams surrounding you. 

Price: $144.95/ per adult

 $69.95/ per child (ages 5-12) 

North Shore Stables - ATV Adventure

Passengers: Small ATV- 1 guest — one driver (10+ years)

  Medium ATV - 1 guest — one driver (12+ years)

  Large ATV- 1-2 guests — one driver (16+ years) and one passenger

Vehicle type - Standard Sport ATV

Duration: 45-minutes

Adventure Level: North Shore Stables is a sightseeing style ATV tour, but sets itself apart because their tours are completely on Sport ATVs. Unlike the other Oahu companies with 4x4 open-air vehicles, Sport ATVs are well-known vehicles for personal use. On this tour, you'll travel through the Waialua countryside, get views of Mount Kaála, Oahu's tallest peak, and stop on a peninsula that is surrounded by the Pacific ocean.

Price: There is a base price for each ATV model. Prices for additional passengers vary depending on the age of the guest. 

  • Large ATV Drivers (16+ years)

$119/ per person, 300lb weight limit

  • Medium ATV Drivers (12+ years)

$119/ per person, 160lb weight limit

  • Small ATV Drivers (10+ years)

$119/ per person, 100lb weight limit

  • Passengers (8 years+)  only on the large ATV

$50/ per person 


Oahu is abundant with incredible scenery and adventurous terrain—will you venture into it with a sightseeing ATV ride or thrilling ATV off-roading adventure? Are you looking for a quick adventure or a slow exploration? Now you have all the information you’ll need to decide. We can’t wait for you to experience Oahu on an ATV!

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