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Oahu Adventures: 11 Fun Activities in Oahu, Hawai'i

September 06, 2023
Person swinging on adventure tower

Aloha, fellow thrill-seekers! Welcome to the enchanting island of Oahu, the beautiful Hawai'ian island known as "The Gathering Place” whose warm aloha spirit embraces everyone who visits. Beyond the postcard-perfect beaches and swaying palm trees, Oahu is a playground for the daring, the curious, and the fun-loving.

Let's kick off these Oahu adventures with a bang at Coral Crater Adventure Park. Dive headfirst into daring escapades that'll have you ziplining through the jungle canopy, conquering ATV excursions over rugged terrain, and vanquishing their heart-pounding ropes course and adventure tower.

More adventures on Oahu await! We'll introduce you to the captivating world of scuba diving at Shark's Cove, where lava tubes and marine marvels beckon. Strap in for helicopter rides that promise bird's-eye views of paradise, or let loose and take the plunge with a skydiving feat you’ll never forget!

After all that adrenaline, you may want to tone it down a little with some fun, relaxing, and educational activities the whole family will enjoy. Immerse yourself in World War II history at Pearl Harbor or delve into Pacific cultures at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Or you can kick back and relax on a personal fishing charter or whale-watching expedition.

So, gear up, folks! Whether you seek serenity or excitement, Oahu is your playground, and these adventures are your ticket to unforgettable island escapades!

Check Out These Thrilling Oahu Adventures!

Soar Over the Jungle with Ziplining at Coral Crater

Coral Crater Adventure Park is nestled inside an old coral quarry in the heart of the Kapolei region. At Coral Crater, adventure-seekers can choose between two fully-guided zipline experiences above the region’s stunning physical topography. Push your limits and challenge your fears by stepping bravely off platforms ready to zoom along a series of suspended lines at 30mph! Coral Crater’s ziplines feature next-generation braking that takes the responsibility of slowing and stopping out of your hands, making it accessible for children ages 6 and up. Your zipline adventure is just a click away!

Coral Crat

Take the Plunge for Shark Diving at Shark’s Cove

Tucked into the North Shore of Oahu, Shark’s Cove, with its transparent turquoise waters, coral reefs, and underwater lava tubes, is a sanctuary for diverse marine life and a popular destination for snorkelers. One Ocean Diving takes the adventure a step further as the first and only company in the United States to offer expert-guided freediving with sharks. They even boast a perfect safety record! Swimming among sharks and other magnificent marine animals is an unforgettable adventure all its own, though we believe you will also leave with a new appreciation for sharks, their role in a healthy ecosystem, and the importance of conservation.

a woman swimming in the water with a shark

Immerse Yourself in History with a Pearl Harbor Historic Tour

The December 7, 1941, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor changed the course of history and launched the US into WWII. For everyone from the casual guest to the enthusiastic historian, Pearl Harbor Tickets and Tours offers several tours designed to honor those who served, facilitate a personal connection with events that changed the world, and promote a message of peace for the world we live in today. Visit the solemn USS Arizona Memorial that sits above the sunken battleship; Battleship Missouri where Japan officially surrendered in 1945; as well as the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, the Bowfin Submarine, and Ford Island, among other highlights. You can even book a flight in a vintage Warbird!

Pearl Harbor

Experience the Ultimate Thrill with Skydiving Over Oahu

Oahu is home to mountains and rainforests, plantations, and beaches, but few get to see it all at once. Pacific Skydiving Honolulu are just the folks to help you “get high…naturally” over Oahu’s North Shore. During your 15 minute descent from 14,000 feet, you will encounter a truly special view of the island as well as its surrounding reefs, lagoons, and underwater structures made up largely of volcanic rock. The licensed professional tandem instructor harnessed to your back for the jump will tailor the experience specifically for you. All you have to do is be present and enjoy the ride!

skydiving over Oahu

Get a Bird’s Eye View of Oahu with Helicopter Tours & Charters

To fully comprehend the remarkable beauty of Oahu you don’t want to miss out on the view from above. Rainbow Helicopters offers a range of premium flight experiences. Your small group can book a helicopter with window seating for all three passengers and an optional “doors off” experience. If your group is larger, climb aboard their Airbus helicopter that can accommodate six passengers, offering spacious cabins and panoramic views from every seat. Private charters are also available to explore the islands and travel between them, granting access to some of Hawai'i’s iconic destinations, including historic Pearl Harbor.

a colorful helicopter next to a waterfall

Go Off-Road with Coral Crater’s ATV Excursions

Coral Crater offers an exhilarating, off-road adventure on their specially designed technical course. Learn to maneuver our easy-to-drive dual-passenger ATVs, and follow one of our expert guides over the rugged and variable terrain of the jungle floor. With only three vehicles per trip, these intimate excursions are ideal for small groups looking to immerse themselves in the natural wonders of Oahu. Drivers eighteen and up can swap places part-way through the tour. Children aged six years and older may ride with an adult. Click here to review packages and book your ATV adventure!

Off roading in Oahu

Glide Over the Waves on a Parasailing Adventure

Take flight with X-treme Parasail, departing from the scenic South Shore of Oahu, just five minutes from Waikiki. Thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts will soar gracefully above the Pacific Ocean, taking in unforgettable views of Oahu’s awe-inspiring landmark and geological marvel, Diamond Head Crater. Parasailing offers you the opportunity to experience both exhilaration and serenity simultaneously. Seasoned captains and experienced crew members will tailor your parasailing experience to each individual while ensuring the safety and security of all.

Parasailing Adventure in Oahu

Savor a Traditional Luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center in Oahu is an immersive destination that offers visitors a rich and multifaceted experience to learn about the diverse cultures of the Pacific. The Pacific island nations of Hawai'i, Aotearoa, Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti, and Tonga, are all represented, you can interact with citizens of each region while exploring their traditional customs, dances, music, and art. A trip to Oahu wouldn’t be complete without a Luau, an embodiment of the spirit of aloha, representing love, compassion, and unity. The Luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center is a celebration of Hawaiian culture and culinary excellence and features a lavish spread of traditional dishes like kalua pig, poi, lomi salmon, and haupia. Performances by live local musicians and hula dancers that showcase Hawaiian storytelling and artistry entertain you while you dine.

Polynesian Luau

Go Whale Watching on The Star of Honolulu

Experience winter the Oahu way by getting up close and personal with magnificent humpback whales from the comfort of Hawai'i’s largest nautical vessel, boasting five decks for excellent viewing of these whimsical giants. The Star of Honolulu whale watching tours run from January through March during the annual humpback whale migration. Here, the magnificent sea mammals return to the warm, calm waters of Hawai'i to breed, birth a new generation of calves, and relax before heading north to feed. Nursing mother and baby pairs are known to be quite playful and active, particularly in the afternoon and evening. Watch 30-ton whales breach fully out of the water, slap the surface with their massive fins and tails, and blow impressive geysers of water into the air.

a whale jumping out of the water

Challenge Yourself at the Coral Crater Adventure Tower & Climbing Wall

What’s an adventure without the opportunity to challenge yourself physically and mentally? Conquering your fears at Coral Crater Adventure Park where you can choose from several Adventure Tower packages that allow you to climb, swing, and jump through a series of suspended obstacles, including rope ladders, bridges, swinging platforms, a climbing wall, and a 50-foot free fall. Adventurers are fitted with helmets and harnesses and receive instruction, supervision, and encouragement throughout. Children six to thirteen are welcome and must be accompanied by an adult.

People climbing the Adventure tower

Kick Back on a Relaxing Fishing Charter

Whether you're a seasoned angler seeking new challenges or a newbie looking to learn from the pros, Pearl Fishing Oahu offers an incredible opportunity to explore the beauty of the Pacific. Oahu's waters are teeming with a diverse range of fish, and Pearl Fishing captains know just where to find them. Captain Freed and Captain AJ, both Oahu natives with 40+ years of experience, bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to your fishing expedition. The Pamela Pearl is a 35 foot Bertram boat named after Captain Freed’s mom, an accomplished fisherwoman in her own right. In fact, she holds the family record for the largest fish – a massive Marlin weighing in at 746 lbs! Beyond the thrill of the catch, Pearl Fishing is dedicated to making the experience enjoyable for everyone on board with comfortable, family-sized amenities.

a group of people holding a fish on a boat

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