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Night Time Aerial Course, 50′ Freefall, S’Mores & Campfire

Night Time Aerial Course, 50′ Freefall, S’Mores & Campfire

Clock 2 Hours      Users Ages 6+

Night Time Aerial Course, 50′ Freefall, S’Mores & Campfire

Clock 2 Hours      Users Ages 6+

Starting at $99.99

Night Time - Aerial Challenge Course, 50' Freefall, Campfire & S'mores!


Would you like a night time activity to do with the family, or for birthday celebration or for a date night?

This is the adventure for you! Come join us at sunset time for our Night Time Aerial Challenge Course, 50′ Freefall & S’mores and end the night in total darkness. Emerge yourself in a one of a kind experience. Your unforgettable night includes 18 challenge elements that will have you climbing, swinging and jumping around, high above the ground. Then freefall from 50′ down to the campfire and enjoy some ono s’mores! Everyone can dress up like it is Halloween during these events! If you want to bring flashlights, glow sticks, headlamps you can. We will even let you pick the music to play on these special nights.

Afraid of heights?  The Aerial Challenge Course is the perfect place to challenge yourself and triumph over your fears.  You’ll be safely harnessed in so there’s no need to worry; just get out there and enjoy the exhilaration that the course delivers. This activity is perfect for those who want to challenge themselves and experience the success of completing obstacles in a safe and secure environment.

Have you ever done a freefall from 50′? This is your opportunity to do that. Come face your fears and try this daunting experience. You will love it. You will also experience ono S’mores around the campfire!

All participants must sign this waiver prior to participation.

*Kama’aina and military rates are not available for this activity as it is already discounted.
Best Day Here On Vacation

“Ww did the adventure tower. We had a guide escort my guys to help with the harnesses/get through the path and Liz was awesome. She encouraged my boys and took awesome care of them. Everyone cheered my guys on throughout the course which really pushed them!”

Joanna G. | Tripadvisor

Dreams Do Come True!

“Some of the highlights included the free fall rope which is essentially 12 ft of free fall before the rope kicks in to “slowly” lower you to the ground 60 ft below or more. LOVED IT! Then you have the rope swing which is the closest thing we have here on the island to flying like a superhero!”

Local808 | Tripadvisor

Full Adventure Park Premium Package

“The adventure tower was challenging and rewarding. If you’re scared of heights this place will definitely test you.”

Samuel | Tripadvisor

Amazing Experience

“The 7 year old, Mom, and 13 year old cousin all loved it and couldn’t stop talking about it.”

Maureen K. | Tripadvisor